About the Authors



Sunae is a 20 year old Australian blogger, living in the seaside village of Lennox Head. Her combined interests in DIY and writing led her to begin her blog, Little Foal in 2012. A lover of vintage, fashion, books, baking and DIY, today she blogs about all her passions and hobbies with a sprinkling of posts documenting the exciting moments in her life.


Lives in the north of the England.  Collecting hobbies like they are going out of fashion.  Especially partial to days out which involve use of a GPS, items which can be upcycled, science fiction genre, and the occasional pug.  Lived in Japan for a year.  Got married in Las Vegas.  Refers to her clan as The Awesomes.



Magdalena is a food and science nerd, born in Austria, now living a not-so-typical student life in the UK following her dream of becoming a proper scientist. Whilst adapting to her new environment, she likes to dream about being able to afford making roast beef and having a dog friend in her life. Her kitchen is her laboratory.



 I own a takeaway and bakery with my father by day and become a super food hero on PlanetBakeLife by night. Kind of like Bruce Wayne, I have no real super power, but I have a lot of ingredients in my pantry and that counts for something. When in doubt, throw flour at it is what I say!

While I live in New Zealand at the moment, I am a born and bred South African who did a 9 year stint in the UK. I have a law degree, a passion for baking and a can-do attitude which I have found are the only important things in life anyway.
 Hopefully I will be able to get to know you a little more personally through this collaboration blog and I’ll no longer be just a profile to you! I love to chat so please get in touch, I’m more than happy to chat about everything and anything so feel free to send me an email, comment or tweet! And don’t forget to let me know who your favourite superhero is…as long as it’s not Cat Woman…she and I have issues.



I'm Tilly - a twenty six year old Yorkshire lady with a penchant for rose gardens, cobbles and gingham print. I live a gluten free life in my own little "hobbit hole" with my fiancé and our pug, Otis. You can often find me with my camera in-hand, tending our new garden or out exploring the wilds of Yorkshire - and beyond!
I'm slowly adapting my blog to include cruelty-free products and I want to focus on the more natural things.