Monday, 27 January 2014

Blogging On A Budget

Lets face it, we're all skint.
Christmas has been and gone, leaving us all with less money then we would like.  But there are still blogs, and still many posts to write, so its the time of year we need a little cheaper inspiration.  Last year I discovered voucher based websites, offering discounted events, treatments, meals and even holidays for a fraction of what they normally retail at, and I have used these to aide some of the subjects of past blog posts without spending all the money I may have normally had to have spent to have the same experience.

Groupon works on the idea of bulk purchase discount; they negotiate cheaper rates with their customers, and sell onwards to individuals passing on this saving.  Each area offers only one main deal, so it helps to change the area you are "from" to shop around for what you may be after or some good ideas.  This week I've purchased a gift voucher for American Apparel, costing me £15 but worth £40 when spent in store (see the deal here, still on), so there's potential there for future fashion post, with the added benefit of me getting some new cute clothing.

Living Social

I use this one most often, but mainly because there seems to be more on offer at any given time, with a separate section for days out and short holiday ideas.  Offers for this week in my area (again, these differ depending on where you live) could help me prepare for next months "love" theme, with a haircut, blowdry and conditioning treatment for me (£16, here) so I can look my best for a romantic Italian meal for two with drink (£10, here).

Your Local Shopping Centre

High street stores regularly have discount nights and first peek "lock-ins", so get yourself down there and ask when their next event will be!  Often you may need to get yourself put on their mailing list to join, but this doesn't always need to be your real email address if you're worried about spam.  Alternatively, check out the website of the shopping centre itself, which will list which stores will have later evening events, but probably won't give you any information on what the event actually is. In most cases they will list contact details if you wish to call the store.  Even if you don't end up buying anything, look at how many people do blog posts from changing rooms, and if it's a first peek night then you may get items only few people have so far written about.  Especially look out for beauty events, as there is sure to be a goodie bag giveaway, and we all love free goodies!

Cineworld Annual Pass

I love visiting the cinema, and on a previous blog I  wrote a couple of film reviews.  Had I had the Cineworld Annual Pass at the time I'd probably have written reviews much more often.  We calculated that if we visited an average of twice a month we'd already be saving money, but I don't know if similar deals are available outside the UK.

Do you know of any other blogging money saving ideas?  


  1. Survey websites like YouGov are a great way to add up some pennies - takes a while though.

  2. That's a great idea, and one often overlooked.

  3. I've previously built up loads of Amazon gift vouchers from Swagbucks, but you have to put some time in, at one point though I was making £25 a month.

    If you're London-based then Timeout offers daily deals similar to Groupon but no minimum number have to be purchased.

    I've also just discovered restaurant soft-launches and am off to a brand new restaurant in a few weeks and will get 50% off food.

    Also, use cashback and loyalty cards everywhere, they do add up eventually.