Sunday, 16 February 2014

Its The Silly Things Which Show You Care

I've been married nearly three years now.

God, that makes me sound old.  I'm not, at least I don't feel that I am.  I still drink pop with a straw, I still have sprinkles on my ice cream, and I still like dancing in my underwear (imagine Greys Anatomy, with less fabulous hair).  So when it comes to "grown-up" romantic ideas, I'm not quite sure we're there yet.  He doesn't use aftershave, not fussed for chocolates, and downloads everything he needs media wise, which kind of rules out most conventional ideas.

That leaves me a little stuck for ideas, without spending a great deal of money.  Usually, I give days out as a present, but this year we're putting all our spare cash into the house (now THAT sounds grown-up) so all presents are strictly home-made.

Even though I'm aware my artistic skills leave a fair amount to be desired, I started a project at Christmas which I'm hoping to run throughout 2014 - a scrapbook with the aim of offering (hopefully) cute messages and pick-me-ups for when he needs them.  Each page has a slightly different theme, so far including a photo from our first date, song lyrics from a song which kind of brought us together, and a cross-stitched version of our coupley motto ("positively positive").

I don't need to remind him I love him with expensive gestures, especially when a line from a song can raise a cheeky smile no matter how many times its heard.  

It'd be great to hear of other ideas for home-made gifts, or unique non-commercial ways of participating in showing you care.


  1. I am so glad I'm not alone in this! Although not married, I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years now and I still have no idea what to get him presents wise, not to mention, our Valentine's Day discussion this year was "we have just bought a house, let's skip presents this year..."

    I love your scrapbook idea, it sounds so lovely. I made a little scrapbook at Christmas that documents our entire relationship and hope to add to it now we have moved in together.


    1. Moving in together will provide masses of occasions to put in the scrapbook! Buying a house takes loads of unexpected money - all the little things like plants, pots and pans etc.
      Last year Andy bought me a coffee machine and I bought him a heated blanket - oh the romance!

  2. you're so right, presents are not the main thing really, and the scrapbook is such a lovely idea! my boyfriend made something similar for me for my birthday and it's exactly those things that matter :)


  3. Aww, a scrapbook is such a great idea! Jake and I weren't going to do presents this year, but somehow we did xx

  4. That's definitely a cute idea. I made my hubby an icecream sundae x

    1. I can't think of a single occasion where an ice cream sundae would not be appropriate.
      After reading this, I want one now!

  5. I created a scrapbook for my boyfriend and gave it to him on Valentine's day. I put old cards, train tickets, zoo leaflets, receipts...basically anything I could find! It's such a good idea and he now has to keep adding to it! Making a canvas is also a really good idea, I created one for a friend with lyrics on it from her favourite album. I used picmonkey to create a collage then transferred the image onto the canvas! Home made gifts are fab!