Saturday, 22 February 2014

Love Your Past: 100 Years of Brownies

The Brownie Section of Girl Guiding is 100 years old this year, and in memory of this fantastic organisation, which has provided my mum, me and both my daughters (and most of the female friends I know) with many evenings of badge related fun, all Brownies past and present have been encouraged to light a candle and place it in their window to commemorate this experience.

If you search Twitter with #bigbrowniebirthday and #worldthinkingday you can find many people who have already taken part in the candle displaying.
This is our offering.

Whilst explaining to the girls about the group I was in as an eight year old (Pixies), I was hit with many fond memories.  Brownies was the first time I tried those little silver ball decorations you get on top of cakes, and I thought I was very clever to be "tricking" grown ups into thinking I was eating real silver balls (of course looking back, none of them would have thought for a second I was actually eating metal).  Brownies was the first time I made a jam sandwich with a group of friends to gain my cooking badge (we were not allowed to actually cook) and I remember stacking them high and we shared them around.  Brownies was also the first time I won a big award - our group won a trophy for designing and building out of card a model village; we had a fire stations AND a church.

Tell us about your favourite Brownies or Guides memories. 


  1. I was in the Brownies, until we moved over to England from Northern Ireland. My fondest memory was when our troop won the competition for the most original way of serving a cup of tea. My mum came up with the idea, of having a paratrooper, parachute onto a football pitch during halt time, with flasks of tea strapped to his ankles. Our prize was a trip to the Savoy Hotel in London and afternoon tea, with Princess Margaret. I'll never forget that. Thanks for evoking such a lovely memory.

    1. My Gosh, that would be a fantastic way to serve tea. Well done your mum for thinking of that one! And what a prize!

  2. I used to be in Brownies and Rainbows and now my eldest is a Brownie too! I was a Sprite and got to be a sixer. I always remember when we first got sworn in to Brownies we would have to make a cup of tea for our mums but it's a little sad my little one didn't make me a cup of tea as it's "too dangerous". It's nice though that we can both share our own memories of them as we grow up x