Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter Bouquet Decorations

As far as public holidays go Easter is by far my favourite.  Comparing it to Christmas, the weather warmer, the decorations are cuter, and radio stations haven't yet fond any songs about it which they feel the need to roll out year on year.
It's also a time for spring flowers, and each year I've made a tradition for myself of making sure during April at least we have fresh flowers at home to welcome in the season.  With the kids off school we like to craft our way through the holidays to put some use to the mass of art and craft equipment I have stashed around the place, so this weekend we made Easter egg shaped bouquet decorations, ideal to add some colour to the house.

To make these you will need:
Coloured tissue paper or paper
Craft sticks
Polystyrene eggs
PVA glue
Easter decorations
Ribbon and foam cut outs for decoration

All of these items can be found at good craft stores.  I tend to pop into Hobbycraft monthly to pick up seasonal items.

The method is fairly simple, and once I had cut up the paper in to small strips and jammed the craft sticks into the eggs (one in the bottom of each) I left the kids to stick the paper around the eggs in a papier-mâché style and then waited for them to dry.  A little tip - if you glue the stick into the egg first, I've found I can hang these on the washing line to dry to stop any "accidents" when the kids feel the need to check if they're dry. 

Once dry, all that's left is to decoration the stick with ribbon, paint or foam cut out decorations of your choice.  These particular egg decorations made it to my mums as an Easter gift within a bouquet. 

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  1. these are so cute gemma! and I couldn't agree more, easter is sooooo much better than christmas! everything can be so nice and colourful and it's warm without any snow! xx