Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Holiday Bonnets

Kids are generally a good excuse for making all the cute little things you fancy, without having to admit that it's you who is the most excited about opening the packets of fluffy balls in assorted colours.   
I'm a girl who would happily wear everything worn by Jess in "New Girl", including the slightly eccentric items worn on occasion, so here's my Easter contribution to my inner child.
As a side note, if you've not already seen New Girl but like easy to watch comedies, then it's a fun watch.  I was recommended it not so long back by Sunae (visit here @sunaefoal) and ended up watching the first two seasons in the space of three weeks.

All you need are plain hats (like for most of my craft items, I visited HobbycraftI've seen all the components in Tesco seasonal aisle recently.), foam shapes, fluffy coloured pom-poms, anything else you fancy sticking on, and some kids to blame it on!

Let us know if you have some good television recommendations for this Easter bank holiday weekend.


  1. Oh how I remember Easter parades in infant and junior schools and having to make an Easter hat, my mam just to go all out with fake flowers and everything. I have a funny old photograph of it, maybe i'll have to dig it out for the blog!

    1. Please send us a link when you put it up!! We'd love to see it