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Friendly Faces: Cocktails in Teacups

You may have seen this interview in our April edition of Fellowship Magazine but we think Amy deserves to be featured more than once! We did a fun interview with Amy from Cocktails in Teacups about her blog and her life.
Don't forget to pop over to her lovely blog and say a quick hello.

1. You’re a lifestyle blogger, do enjoy the freedom or is it sometimes daunting to have that much free reign?
It's often daunting. I have a notebook that has all my blog ideas and it recently surpassed two pages. I think that's when I felt a little meh about my blog, luckily due to a lovely #lbloggers chat I once again feel inspired to go on with my ideas.

2. Are there any types of posts that are your favourite or your least favourite to write?
Favourite: I love writing up an adventure I've had. Such as if I've been to see friends. I also quite like talking about restaurants I've ate at. 
Least Favourite: I hate writing up recipes, but I love sharing them! I just never know how to word how I made them! I wish I could dictate them as I make it instead.

3. Do you read a lot of other blogs?
Yes, I read quite a lot. Thankfully they don't all post every day like I do. I also read them for various things, I think my lifestyle bloggers list is the one I read most regularly.

4. How do you find new blogs to read?

Usually through recommendations from my favourite bloggers. I've found some amazing ones that way. I trust their opinions on what is a good read above anyone else's because a blog is usually my favourite because we have stuff in common, therefore logically, we should enjoy reading similar things.

5. You’re a mother, do you sometimes find it difficult to share that part of your life on your blog or social media?
I actually wish I could share more. It's a long story but due to difficult issues with her father I can share so little on public websites. I wish I could show the world how amazing and how beautiful my daughter is.

6. Do you take part in any Twitter chats and if so, which are your favourites and why?
I take part in whatever ones I can. But #lbloggers is my favourite, I just find myself most comfortable with those bloggers and they give the best tips for improving my blog but they're never condescending.

7. Do you ever get blogger envy?
Who doesn't get blogger envy? I mainly feel envious of beautiful photography, no matter how hard I try mine always look rubbish. Same goes with photo editing. On the odd occasion I've felt sad and a bit envious of other bloggers who have been able to attend an amazing looking event that I was invited to. But it's hard to juggle life and finding a babysitter so I can travel to a near by city to attend them.

8. We know you’re a huge Disney fan, but are there any Disney films that have really disappointed you?
Ooof, that's a tough one. Maybe the period that includes Home on the Range, Meet the Robinsons and The Wild. I own them all but I don't particularly think they're great. I also don't really like Cars or Planes either. Oh and that Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion... OOOH and the remake of the Herbie film, WHY? Disney WHY?

9. Do you have a favourite band or musician?

I like a lot of different music, and this changes often, but I love Taking Back Sunday, Matchbox Twenty and All Time Low.

10. Where would you like to see Cocktails in Teacups going in the future?
I'd like to see it continue to grow and to bring me more opportunities. Over the year and a half I've had it, it's been an absolutely mind blowing experience. The people I've met are amazing. I finally feel like I'm accepted.

11. Are there any bloggers out there that you really admire and want to emulate?
Megan of The Briar Rose blog, she is like my blogging idol. Her blog is my ultimate inspiration. Also Becky Bedbug, her blog is just so honest, informative and down right funny. She's a blogging star to me.

12. Do you see yourself expanding into Vlogging like Sprinkle of Glitter?
No way. I hate hearing my voice and I'd have no freaking idea where to begin on the editing front.

13. If you had no commitments, no financial restraint and complete freedom, what career would you pursue?
I'd work for Disney World of course! Either that or become a journalist... or I'd perform Shakespeare.

14. There’s always a war between new and old bloggers over paying dues, do you feel the argument is justified?
Not at all. Everyone is allowed their own place on the internet. Yes I feel some new bloggers get in it purely for the perks, but I also feel like some of the older bloggers expect the perks these days instead of working for them. I think it's six and two threes really.

15. Is there anything about your blog that you’re particularly proud of?
Not really my blog, more about myself. I'm proud of the bravery I've had when writing about certain subjects, like my mental health issues, my broken down relationship and of course, being a single mother. Being able to put myself out there, on a public display, well lets say it took a lot of courage to feel okay with doing it. That and having the self confidence to do outfit posts post-child.

We're fans of Amy's over here and we read her blog daily so hopefully you'll do the same! Here are her social links so you can follow her every move...without being weird.

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