Sunday, 20 April 2014

Eggs & Pinzen With Friends

Happy Easter everyone!

This is going to be a picture heavy post, I'll warn you now, althought most people (me) like posts with a lot of pictures anyway so if you are one of those people then this is exactly the right thing for you.

Visiting my hometown and seeing my friends is always lovely, but it's especially nice when we get to do something really fun together. With it being easter two of my friends suggested to meet up and do some easter preparations together. So the other day we met up at one of my friends' place and got some serious baking and egg dyeing done.

If you're still wondering what Pinzen are, they're are basically the Austrian version of hot cross buns, the dough is very similar you just don't use any spices and they are shaped differently. I definitely love them.

Two of my friends are experts in the egg dyeing business and have their very own techniques and everything, I'm honestly very impressed. I am not the biggest talent (meaning I don't have enough patience) but I tried by luck and I'm quite proud and I like how pastely my eggs are (which is only really due to the fact the colours didn't really take that well for some reason). I made some with flowers, polka dots and a british flag so I'm quite pleased.

And these are all our final results, I have to say I'm quite proud of what everyone made and even though my eggs definitely weren't the most beautiful I had so much fun making them so it was definitely worth it. I'd love to do something like this again next year when I'm home for easter again.

Do you guys like to do some easter preparations with your friends or family? What is it you like to do together?


  1. These look awesome Mags!
    I've seen Pinzen all over the place this Easter so obviously Austria is being super popular with the baking world :P

    1. they're probably not originally Austrian (because none of our food is originally from here, making us super international but not very creative :P) but they're super delicious so I don't mind! haha xx