Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring Nail Picks

I'm not a beauty blogger by any means, nor am I particularly experienced when it comes to all things beauty or nail related. I do however really enjoy doing my nails, especially during spring time as I love the colour varieties and brights and pastels and all that. I have recently bought a few too many spring nail polishes and some of them are definitely perfect for this time of the year so I thought I'd share them with you in case you are still looking for some spring nails.

The polish names can be found in the descriptions, also I used the Orly Bonder Basecoat and the Rimmel Ultra Shine Topcoat. Also, this post is not sponsored by any brand I just happen to have placed a Model's Own order a few weeks ago so I'm currently trying out all these spring-y shades.

Speckled Egg Nails
this is a polish that Model's Own have recently brought out and since I currently love nail polish and it seemed perfect for easter I couldn't help but get it (it's the speckled eggs polish in Magpie Green). I tried it for the first time shortly before we went away to Croatia, that's why there are stones in the pictures as I took them while I was by the seaside.

The Green and Floral Ones
I don't even feel like I need to say much about these. First of all this is the kind of green I've been looking for for a while and I have now found it (yay!). And secondly there's flowers, and I love flowers, and flowers are perfect for spring so this had to be in this post, no doubt, no questions asked. This is one of the Model's Own sticky fingers polish and sticker combos and it's called Pastel Petals Green. A super easy way to get some nail art without having to do actual nail art doing, if you know what I'm saying.

The Bright Red Pink Ones
this is a colour I never really thought I would go for and I think one of the reasons I bought it was that I had to get a certain amount of polishes to get them for cheaper (I think the offer is still on on the Model's Own website if you want to take a look). However, I am certainly not regretting the purchase one bit. This is a lovely colour as it is not too much on the pink side, it is called Pink Punch but it's more of a red-ish pink which is good for me since I don't like true pinks, at all. This I think is the perfect bright spring/summer polish and it makes me happy whenever I look at it.


  1. I love the Speckled Egg nail polishes, they have to be my favourite just because they remind me of mini eggs. I'm going to miss them :( x

  2. I love that shade of blue in the speckled egg nail polish! So cute! :') xx