Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Garden Lilies

It's been all about the garden at home for me in the last couple of months, with the project of trying to turn a plain grassed area into a place I'd love to spend lazy summer days with my family.  I want plants everywhere - it's the first house I've owned, so when we moved in I went a little mad with the walls and painted every room a different colour (something you can't easily get away with when renting).  Now I'm doing the same with the garden, so it's made me happy to see lots of stores I wasn't expecting to be selling garden related items.  

This week I noticed Morrisons are doing a "flower of the week" offer, so each week a different plant in their collection will be half price. I've picked up a couple of lilies in red and white, although yellow was available too.  We were given a pot of lilies last year, and I had thought the kids had killed them up until a month ago when shoots started to reappear.  I now know that they die back completely each year and grow afresh, not just the flower head.  They're also great plants for attracting butterflies, so fingers crossed I'll be seeing them around soon.

To add a bit of further personality I've been looking for alternative garden ideas, something a little arty perhaps, to make the outdoors more an extension of the living area.  I love the idea of hanging pictures on the pagoda or adding sculptures.  My next purchase maybe this dragonfly sculpture from

So if you are thinking of transforming your garden this year, before you try bigger DIY themed store, keep your eyes open for bargains in places you wouldn't normally have looked.

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