Monday, 19 May 2014

Surreal Photography

One of my favourite art mediums is photography. I like taking photos, I like looking at photos and yes, I rather enjoy being the centre of attention in photos. I've done a few shoots with photographer friends in the past and would love to do more and really get into fashion blogging, but my favourite type of photography is surreal, fantasy-style photography. Think creepy-yet-beautiful fairy tales in the woods and the likes. I'm not such a fan on how much photoshop is used in this type of photography these days though. While some might say that photoshop in itself is an art form, I like the extra creativity, patience and thought that goes into creating fantasy style photographs without altering them on a computer, so I thought I'd share two of my favourite non-photoshopped, totally amazing photography collections with you today. I promise they will blow your mind!

Katerina Plotnikova

Yes, those are real animals in those photos, and as I mentioned before, they are not photoshopped in. Katerina had two animal trainers help her with this amazing shoot. If you like these photos, do check out her other work. I can promise it is equally as beautiful and surreal as what you see above (plus there is a picture involving baby hedgehogs that is too adorable not to see!)

JeeYoung Lee

The most amazing thing about Korean artist, JeeYoung Lee is that she creates all of her dream-like settings by hand before inserting herself somewhere in the photograph. Some of the photograph represent her own dreams, experiences and memories and some are based on traditional Korean folk tales. All possess a certain magic that photoshop just can't reproduce, don't you think? See more here.

Do you know of any other fantasy photographers who don't rely on photoshop? I'd love to find more!

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