Monday, 28 July 2014

A Letter To My Present Self

The Month of July was supposed to be 'A Letter To Myself' Month according to our schedule, however there are times when schedules don't quite work out the way they are supposed to. Nontheless I decided to write a letter to myself, not only for the purpose of letting you all know that we haven't forgotten about this blog, but also because I though it was rather appropriate to do it for myself.

These kinds of posts (or at least the ones I have read so far) are usually writting from the present perspective addressing a past self and giving advise on problems you faced as your past self. Now I believe that it can be extremely helpful to do this, however I thought for me right now it would be best to place myself in the future and write a letter to my present self in my current situation and think what I would say to myself, so here goes:

Dear Magdalena,

As far as I am aware, you are currently 22 years old, you're a passionate student and I hope you still love food and cooking the way you used to when you were younger. 
You have achieved a lot in the past two years, you finished school and put all your strength and hope into your goal of moving to England to study and look at you, you've only gone and done it!

Now take a moment to be proud of yourself. I know you know deep inside that everything you've already achieved is something to be proud of, and yet you keep holding yourself back and wondering whether you've done enough. Believe me you have.

You wish that things would start getting easier, that you wouldn't have to fight for everything as hard as you have to now, but believe me it will get easier, it won't always be easy but it won't always be hard either.

You will have people who will be there for you, some people may not be physically near you but you will find good friends in the UK, I promise you that, just don't give up, even if it requires staying up past 10 some evenings, don't give up.

Don't let others hold you back, you have so many dreams, some may be a little too far fetched but some are incredibly realistic, don't let anyone or anything no matter how much you love it keep you from achieving your goals. You have already done so much.

And finally, there are setbacks, some bigger than others, but you have a talent of always making it much bigger than it actually is. Take a breath, take a step back and I promise you you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for sure. Just don't take everything so very seriously all the time.


P.S. if you read this, don't forget to starting saving up for your trip to Australia.

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